Septic Tank Services & Info


We use a flushable transmitter and a receiver to locate the tank.  As long as there is no back up in the line or broken pipes, the transmitter will find its way to the tank.


We have 100 ft of hose that attaches from the truck to the tank.  The lid to the tank or an extension pipe at least 6" in diameter leading to the tank must be accessible.


Our extensions are made of durable 2' diameter sewer pipe cut to fit your needs.  We also sell a heavy duty lid that screws onto the extension.  Everyone enjoys the luxury of never having to dig again!  


We automatically do an inspection report on every tank after we pump it.  This report provides information about the condition of your tank and it is sometimes required when selling a home.


Enzymes are a good way to keep a healthy balance of bacteria in your septic tank.  Clorox and other household cleaners can alter the balance of bacteria in your tank which can eventually cause problems.  Adding Lenzymes every month will help restore a healthy balance which will result in a better working system.